Artwork Catalogue

Alan Davie

Five of Diamonds

For my dearly beloved master, Pablo Picasso

Untitled (ref:AD1)

Albert Irvin

Sangora (Ref:AI1)

Alfred  Cohen


Allan D'Arcangelo

Caves (ref:ADA1)

Allen Jones

Leg splash

Miss America

Optical Illusion (ref:AJ2)

Untitled ( REF:AJ3)

Woman Splash

Andy Warhol

Flowers 2 (ref:AW1)

Flowers 4 (ref:AW2)

Marilyn 4 (ref:AW4)

Marilyn 5 (ref:AW5)

Marilyn 7 (ref:AW6)

Marilyn 9 (ref:AW7)

Anthony Gross

Paysage avec Mante Religieuse ( REF:AG2)

Vignes au mois de mai

Brendan Neiland

Christ Church quartet: Alice's Garden

Christ Church quartet: Peckwater

Christ Church quartet: Rose Window

Christ Church quartet: Tom's Tower

Hampton Court ( REF: BN1)

Ceri Richards

Dancing Costers

Elegy to Vernon Watkin

From a conversation between Hermes and Menipeus on a field of snow ( REF: CR4)

From information report ( REF:CR8)

Improvisation No.9 concerning thee dawn ( REF:CR5)

Poem on his birthday

Story lost in the snow ( REF:CR6)

The Flowering Skull

The force that through the green fuse drives the flower

Vaucluse ( REF: CR2)

Viaggio verso il nord

Chris  Orr

The Pagoda (REF: CO1)

Clive  Barker

Homage to Magritte

Craigie Aitchison

Still-life on Vermillion

David  Hockney

Portrait Felix H. Man

Duncan Grant

Standing Woman

Washer Woman

Eduardo Paolozzi

Baroque All-style High ( B.A.S.H )(ref:EP5)

Perpetuum Mobile ( REF:EP8)


Feliks Topolski

Three Judges

Genevieve Claisse

Blue Circle


Pink Circle


Yellow Circle

Gordon House

Celt Green ( REF: GH1)

Graham Sutherland

Beetle 2 (ref:GS1)

Forma Organico

Homage to Senefelder

Object on Estuary Shore

Planche d'Etudes

Rock Form ( REF:GS7)

Studio per interno di un bosco

Studio per interno di un bosco

Studio per interno di un bosco (REF: GS6)

Guillaume  Corneille

Multi coloured Pigeon

Musical Bird

Portrait with a Pigeon

Henry Moore

Black on Red

Square Forms

Storm at Forte Dei Marmi

Horia Damian

Galaxy ( ref:HD2)

Mound (ref:DH1)

Untitled (ref:HD3)

Howard  Hodgkin

Hugo  Demarco

Relation Couleur 6 (ref:HD1)

Relation Couleur 7 (ref:HD2)

Relation Couleur 8 (ref:HD3)

Ivan Picelj

Cyclophoria (ref:IP1)

Cyclophoria (ref:IP2)

Cyclophoria (ref:IP3)

Cyclophoria (ref:IP4)

Joan Gardy Artigas

Tauromache Chinoise

Joe  Tilson

So Far (ref:JT3)

Suicide by Fire (ref:JT4)

The Software Chart


Untitled ( REF: JT10)

John Bellany

Dark Landscape ( REF:JB1)

John Piper


John  Salt

John S Cumming


Rememberance of Times Past

Return of Old Magick

Trois Anges

Your Horoscope

Josef Herman

Four Fisherwomen

Horse Riders ( REF: JH1)

Julian  Trevelyan

Father Thames (ref:JTR1)

Holy Ganges (ref:JTR2)

Richmond Park (ref:JTR3)

Julio Le Parc

Untitled (ref:JLP1)

Untitled (ref:JLP2)

Lynn Chadwick

Cloaked Figure (ref:LC1)

Two Sitting Figures 3

Two sitting figures on stripes ( ref:LC3)

Michael Rothenstein


Michael Sandle

Norman Ackroyd

Morning Story (REF: NA1)

Study for Chateau Palmer ( REF:NA2)

Study for chateau Beychevelle

Study for Chateau la Mission Haut-Brion ( REF:NA3)

Patrick Caulfield

Patrick Procktor

Bow wow ( REF:PP2)

Norhtern Lass

Sarum ( REF: PP1)

Peter Blake

Peter Doig

Two Faces and a Guitar ( REF:PD2)

Peter Phillips

Leolocation (ref:PP1)

Select-O-Mat Tempest I

Tiger and Engine ( ref: PP2)

Untitled (ref:PP3)

Peter Scmidt

Flowing in the Right Direction

Peter Sedgely


Reg  Butler

Figure in Space



Richard  Haas

Manhattan View

Richard Hamilton

Ronald  Kitaj

Salvador Dali

Les Songes Drolatiques de Pantegruel (ref: SD1)

Les Songes Drolatiques de Pantegruel (Ref:SD2)

Les Songes Drolatiques de Pantegruel(Ref:SD3)

Stanley Hayter

Scrap book ( Ref:SH1)


Terry Frost

Tom  Phillips

Edward Lucie-Smith ( REF: TP2)

Hotel de Dream

The Unwinding ( REF: TP3)

Victor Vasarely

Rosenthal (ref:VV5)

Tel Ur (ref:VV6)

Untitled (ref:VV1)

Untitled (ref:VV2)

Untitled (ref:VV3)

Untitled (ref:VV4)

Zaphir ( from Portfolio Lapidaire )

William Scott

Iona (REF:WS1)

William Turnbull

Untitled REF:WT1